Letters to the Editor

Common violations of rules listed in Florida driver’s handbook

I copied the following from the 2010 Official Florida Driver’s Handbook.

1. “You must use hand signals or directional signals to show that you are about to turn. Turn signals are required by law when changing lanes or overtaking a vehicle. You should use your turn signals to indicate your intention with sufficient time to allow other drivers around you to see your signal before you move.” (Page 25)

2. Equipment not permitted.

You may not have on or in your vehicle:

Red or blue emergency lights. These are for emergency and law enforcement only.

A siren, bell, or whistle.

A very loud muffler or one that lets out smoke.

Signs, posters, or stickers on the windshield or windows (except those required by law).

More than two spotlights, cowl or fender lights, fog lights (in front), or other extra lights (in front).

Headsets worn by driver while operating a vehicle. (Pages 40 and 42, including bicycles.)

I don’t think I have to explain why I sent this.

Michael Drummond