Letters to the Editor

Rise of political corruption, greed by liberals troubling

As the years go by, we see an increase in the corruption and greed in our elected officials, but within the past three years, the rise in corruption, arrogance and wastefulness has made record speeds.

Have we really gone so wrong as to allow and indeed support the destruction of our children’s future? Will so many ignorant voters show up to vote for these Democrats again?

I cannot believe that some people actually think they are doing the right thing by helping destroy the nation, while ignoring the fact that the Solyndra and fast and furious scandals are just a small part of what is going on. Some only see what leftist loon reporters want them to see, and have no patriotism left in their DNA that would push them to “look” for truth about the system’s real problems.

I wonder if the complacency that corrodes the nation is not born of liberal school systems and corrupt judges who spit on the very Constitution they swear to uphold, and I wonder how these Bible-haters sleep at night knowing that they and their party are to blame for taking prayer out of schools, replacing it with liberal idea that the child is not to be held accountable for any of his/her actions, and that jail is likely outcome for so many as a result.

I still say God help America!

Herbert Stamper