Letters to the Editor

Change Manatee County school board to change district priorities

At the Nov. 28 school board budget meeting, Mr. Jim Hamilton from Mixon and Mixon Associates gave a very dim view of what might happen at the state level to the school budget. He spoke about things that could be done to offset the plummeting revenues.

He went on to say what his school district had done to offset budget cuts and -- what, to my surprise -- it was the same ideas the former citizen’s budget committee recommended to the superintendent for years but which fell on deaf ears. I guess when you use other people’s money it’s not too much of a concern.

All of a sudden Mrs. Barbara Harvey woke up to the problem that her pet programs might be on the chopping block. Now she’s upset.

If Mrs. Harvey had realized that her “yes” votes on the consent agenda caused a lot of the financial problems, maybe she would have been aware of what her vote was doing to her children; she might have taken a second look.

It’s not all Mrs. Harvey’s fault, or other board members. It’s the administration’s poor judgment and twisted interpretation of the law by the attorney that created the problems.

It comes down to the board: Either they are for the children and teachers or they favor high salaries for people who have mismanaged the technology, health care program, and the 2011-12 budget with its errors and omissions.

If we don’t change the makeup of this board, the administration can pass any amount of taxes they want without going to the public. The administration needs three votes and they could care less what the public thinks.

If you care about the education of our children and our teachers, you need to make this administration know you mean business.

Peggy Martin