Letters to the Editor

Bachmann, Santorum campaign strategies failing

After watching most of the GOP presidential debates and numerous interviews with the candidates, I can’t tell if Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum are running for president of the United states or prime minister of Israel -- or are they just trying to gain favor with Glenn Beck and Mark Levin?

Either way, their poll numbers indicate that neither strategy seems to be working.

Steve Stivers


Doctor’s views to cut Medicare costs worthwhile

The Nov. 20 Herald had a very interesting article called “A Doctor’s Vision for Medicare.” Why can’t we get sensible people in Congress who make sense and recognize some solutions to our Medicare cost problem? This man does, in my view.

He made some very cogent suggestions to help this huge problem. Like less testing unless someone is really ill. “Most of us would do just as well or better with less medical care,” he wrote.

That is so sensible.

He also advocates doctors actually taking time to listen to the patient and maybe be able to make suggestions that don’t involve expensive testing and possibly even less medication.

And also, while I’m here, I am very proud to read the letters from people answering the “Stop Prayers Before Commission Meetings” problem. They’ve said it all.

I also wondered why someone in Wisconsin would care about what goes on at a small county commission meeting 1,500 miles away!

The writers are right: We have to stop the 17,000 from ruling the millions who won’t speak up.

Guess they think someone else will always step up. It’s time that we all take an interest in these issues or we’ll be in worse shape than we already are.

Judy Drinan