Letters to the Editor

Manatee County sheriff has means to fix jail with little cost to taxpayers

I read with total disbelief the Nov. 30 article in the Herald’s Local section regarding the jail repairs needed. I agree buildings do need TLC and replacement. However, I think maybe part of the answer to this dilemma is in front of the sheriff.

Why isn’t inmate labor being used for stucco repair and painting? I know for a fact the juvenile detention division has a building training school over in Avon Park to train men in the construction trades. Let’s see some of that schooling put to great use.

I am sure a backup generator system is available through the military surplus division.

When I was in the Navy some 50-plus years ago aboard ship, our sailors chipped paint. Rust is a real big issue with the Navy.

As to cleaning mildew, this is Florida and it is everywhere. Chlorine bleach cures that. What’s wrong with inmate labor for these chores?

Our sheriff does a great job, and it seems he has the powers right in front of him to complete these upkeep and repair issues at a great savings to the taxpayers.

Gary D. Bogart, retired firefighter