Letters to the Editor

Obama’s war on energy trumps America’s prosperity

President Obama essentially cancelled the proposed Canada-to-Houston pipeline known as Keystone XL recently. Days later, Obama “delayed” bidding on Ohio’s Wayne National Forest for oil and gas drilling, citing “additional” studies.

This is pure lunacy because each of these developments would provide 20,000 jobs. Moreover, we spend hundreds of billions of dollars importing foreign oil each year from unfriendly countries. This has a “huge” impact on our ongoing trade deficits and our economy, not to mention “jobs.” In short, it is ruinous to this country!

There are 2.3 million miles of all kinds of pipelines in the U.S. The U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration have renewed its commitment to pipeline safety in 2006 when the Pipes Act was signed.

Could an oil spill happen? Of course, and provisions should be readily available to clean it up. We do not shut down railroads, highways or airports because of unintended hazardous accidents. Why should pipelines be demonized? You know why.

The Obama administration, from its outset, has done great and lasting harm to our energy development and the country. While high-cost fans, solar and ethanol are of some help, they will also guarantee “very high energy and food costs,” which by themselves will strangle consumers and businesses.

We must develop our very abundant energy sources while taking sensible conservation measures such as efficient cars that are reasonable to own and repair and the re-engineering of all kinds of energy-consuming machinery and improved insulation of homes, business, and factories.

If crackpot thinking doesn’t destroy us in the meantime, our scientists will develop astonishing energy sources in the next 20 to 40 years while America remains prosperous.

Patrick Neylan