Letters to the Editor

Keystone pipeline oil will not serve U.S. consumption

The ubiquitous commercials sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute paint a rosy picture of the benefits of the Canada tar sands extraction project.

The proposed Trans Canada Keystone XL pipeline, 1,661 miles in length, will carry 900,000 barrels a day of volatile raw bitumen, the world’s dirtiest oil, from strip mines and drill sites in Alberta, Canada across eight of our United States and the vast Ogallala Aquifer,`to refineries in Port Arthur, Texas.

Since the refinery operates as a “foreign trade zone,” it will pay no tax and custom duties on exports, or on any imports from the Welsh refinery.

For those who believe that this pipeline will make the United States more energy independent, please remember that in 1996 President Bill Clinton gave the OK to ARCO’s former CEO, Lodwrick Cook, to ship the oil from North Slope drilling sites in Alaska to Asia.

Now we learn that CEO Bill Klesse, of the Valero oil exporting giant, plans to ship the Keystone XL’s refined, dirty oil to South America and to Europe to be used in the popular diesel automobiles in those countries.

This proposed environmentally disastrous pipeline is opposed by all reputable environmental groups, as well as nine Nobel laureates, NASA climate scientist James Hansen and countless others.

Please contact our State Department, which has control over this international project, as well as your representatives, to express your opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline.

Skip Hannon