Letters to the Editor

Florida lLawmakers show ineptness on assisted living centers

Many of our state lawmakers have exhibited: 1. Incompetence (no idea what’s happening other than showing up in a tailored suit); 2. Indifference (strictly voting party line and/or fulfilling political favors without regard to impact on citizens); 3. Unprepared (little or no due diligence in voting on upcoming bills).

Consider this: Lawmakers pushed nearly two dozen bills in the last session attempting to remove crucial protection regulations for 80,000 residents of assisted living facilities, including a portion of the resident’s Bill of Rights.

In May 2011 the Miami Herald ran a series of stories revealing residents were dying nearly once a month of abuse and neglect, but most of the homes were allowed to keep their doors open.

Now lawmakers are doing a 180-degree turn, calling for more and stronger regulations; they also want to increase fines and credentials of persons running these homes.

Suddenly they discovered there are four agencies splintered in overseeing this business: Health Care Administration, Department of Health, Elder Affairs, and Children and Family. But not one is in complete control.

Why does it take a newspaper to educate our lawmakers? This is their responsibility; these facts were there for them to see.

How did we elect them? Maybe we spent too much time watching “Dancing with the Stars” and “Monday Night Football” and being less concerned with letting these political imposters in our lives.

Dick Wasylowski