Letters to the Editor

Democratic corruption cannot be overlooked

Thanks, Lance Abbring, your Nov. 17 letter illustrates my point, exactly! Republican sins linger long in liberal memory, but there’s little comment about contemporary Democrat corruption.

Reference specifically Obama-Solyndra and Obama-Siga, where large chunks of taxpayer money went to already-rich Obama contributors through failed enterprises.

Whatever happened to principles, honor, and doing what’s best for Americans? That’s for everybody.

Someone opined Fox News did not broadcast 54 percent public approval for “occupiers.” But they did, repeatedly. Actually, watch Fox and see for yourself.

Fox also reported 56-40 no confidence in the White House. And 63 percent now disapprove of occupiers. When their protest rights interfere with others’ rights to go about their business, consequences ensue.

One wonders if the occupiers expect the 1 percent to come down out of their skyscrapers, see the protests and say “Oh, OK, I see your point. Here, have some of my millions.”

Maybe they could picket George Soros and demand he distribute his tons of gold. Or how about Michael Moore? He’s been a hugely successful capitalist.

Government’s squandering taxpayer money, including endless agency duplications to do this or that, and pork-barrel earmarks, would be worthy objects of picketing.

One writer poked fun of Republican candidates. Compared to whom? Ah, the incumbent. Indecisive in the state Senate, voting “present” dozens of times, ducking principles stands.

U.S. Senate, Oval Office, decisive only for contributor favors. Not, say Keystone XL. Thousands of jobs, postponed supposedly for environmental concerns. Dilemma: is it better politically to offend unions or environmentalists?

Do pipelines already cross the Nebraska sand dunes? Maybe a Google fan could check out for us: how many, where and what they carry.

And someone believes tea parties almost destroyed America. Republican mobs? Tea party riots? Doesn’t happen.

Rosalie Rosenfeld