Letters to the Editor

Obama ‘lazy’ remark about government, not Americans

Recent letters parrot the misinformation that President Obama called Americans “lazy.” Responsible media quickly reported the totality of his remarks and showed them to be either taken completely out of context or outright distortion; however, one TV news organization and attack ads from the Perry and Romney campaigns have chosen to perpetuate a lie.

Ordinarily, you would think Obama’s unedited statements should be catnip to tea-party adherents: Here he is, speaking out against a lackadaisical Big Government (not “Americans”) for failing to do enough to attract foreign investors, thereby boosting the U.S. economy, during both the preceding Bush and Clinton administrations. (I understand their betraying any emotion over Bush, as they’ve long since tried to distance themselves from him, but the right rarely if ever declines a chance to join in on some Clinton-bashing.)

Instead, their belittling falls squarely upon Obama -- a persistent pattern, ongoing once his opponents finally settled on how to go about disparaging him without (specifically) mentioning race: by pushing the foreigner meme.

There are those who simply ridicule the man on petty or specious issues; but that mean-spiritedness, when coupled with the considerable amount of hyperpartisan hypocrisy and downright dishonesty, becomes deeply disturbing.

And on issues of greatest import, can you imagine how different current political discourse would be had the previous administration been the one to take out bin Laden; or, conversely, the degree of castigation had there been a foreign attack on American soil during the current one’s watch?

But here we have a man who indeed took out the principal instigator of 9/11, not to mention a leader who’s presided over other foreign policy successes in increasingly volatile regions, and yet this individual continues to be portrayed as “un-American,” a “foreigner,” ad nauseam.

Such insidious attacks are disturbing on multiple levels.

Lance Abbring