Letters to the Editor

Occupiers spotlighting what’s wrong in society

A few replies to a writer’s comments concerning my last letter to the editor.

I never implied that we should be governed by polls. I quoted the results of the Quinnipiac poll showing that 54 percent of Americans support the “occupiers” because, as she admitted in her letter, “They usually get it right.”

The writer disagrees with my defense of the “occupiers” and says they are a problem. Yes, a problem for the big banks, corrupt corporations and Wall Street crooks who wish they would just go away, and for certain people who either don’t “get” the serious social and economic inequities currently existing in our country or simply don’t care.

When 1 percent of Americans control most of the wealth of our nation, I would call that a “plutocracy,” government by the wealthy, not the constitutional republic established by our founders.

She disputes my assertion that most of the “occupiers” are working people by leaving out the rest of my sentence, “who are seeking a job, not a handout,” and asks, “If they are working people, as you say, why aren’t they working?” Considering our current jobless economy; any objective, intelligent person knows the answer to that question, and the lack of jobs is one of the things they are protesting.

My criticism of Fox News for misinforming their viewers is justified by her statement that Obama “called the American people lazy.” Fox News broadcasters deliberately took the president’s comment out of context as usual.

In speaking to a group of CEO’s about the challenges of attracting foreign investment in the U.S., Obama actually said, “We’ve been a little lazy about trying to attract foreign investors to U.S. soil,” clearly referring to the government and business sectors, not to the American people.

The writer suggests that our country’s problems will be solved by new leadership; however, considering the current crop of Republican candidates who want to lead our country, I don’t see that happening.

Carol Gazell