Letters to the Editor

Become free of smoking by learning what is happening

In reference to the article in Healthy Living on why we smoke, the writer missed it.

Remember when you were a baby, you got frustrated, felt insecure or other feelings you could not handle, mother did not know what else to do so she gave you a rubber sucker. Psychic learned if you are upset, suck on something, it smooths my inner fears. Learned as a baby.

Now you are a teen and the same feelings come. You are introduced to something white to smoke and you find that when you do feel smoothing refreshment like you did when you were a baby. You need to suck this and relax yourself and make you feel more secure. Childish learned behavior used.

How do we quit? Learn what is happening and quit, find security elsewhere, to know just like we know the physical dangers of the sucking device. It is a sucking device, it is childish behavior. We need to grow up.

I left childish actions to become a man or woman. Do I really need to suck on something for security?

As a Christian I know where my security lies. I am loved, undeserved. I can now risk anything. He gives me real security to leave behind insecure feelings and move into his care.

I give up my childish ways.

There is freedom. Learning the truth sets us free.

Bud C. Wilder