Letters to the Editor

Atheists anxious to erase religion from public square

Few people study philosophical or theological ideas anymore, but political and economic ideas, which are popular subjects for debate, are merely their derivatives. Change the philosophical and religious beliefs of the people and their political beliefs change as well.

This is why so many increasingly vocal atheists are anxious to remove the Ten Commandments, prayer and religious symbolism from the public square.

These new evangelists for atheism know that if religion becomes invisible, it is easier for God to seem irrelevant.

And they know that no God means no limits on moral behavior, which is their goal. But moral anarchy can only lead to barbarism.

Barbarism occurs when the brutal and strong can prey on the poor and weak with impunity. Hitler, Stalin and Lenin were political barbarians, atheists and moral anarchists.

It is no wonder former Russian political prisoner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn insisted that moral “self-limitation” is the key to a healthy society.

As a nation, if we continue to ignore philosophical and theological truths and unthinkingly embrace moral anarchy in the name of “freedom,” it may not be long before, as J.R.R. Tolkien tried to warn us in the Lord of the Rings, some “orc” (demon) will once again get hold of the ring (the sinfulness of unlimited power) and we may find ourselves its slaves.

Linda Lambert