Letters to the Editor

Vote out politicians only interested in themselves

It was almost a given that the so-called super committee failed. Putting both parties on the same committee was a wasted effort.

The billionaires and the millionaires that told the government to tax them more, they should have been put on the committee. They know how to manage money. Between them they probably have more money than the government.

They would have made a real super committee. They know how to make money and not waste it. They surely wouldn’t have spent the money on senseless wars and then keep pumping money into those countries where they don’t want us anyway.

Americans are protesting all over the country. People are tired of the constant bickering between both parties, with nothing getting done.

The politicians seem to be saying “we got ours, the heck with you people.” If our government is not careful, they might see a full-scale civil uprising. We the people have had enough.

Both parties need to stop blaming each other for the ills of the country. They need to start doing the job that they are getting overpaid for.

All these politicians in Washington can’t agree on anything. So, it’s time to get rid of all of them. We need to elect people who are for the people and our country. And get rid of the ones that only want to feather their own nests.

Robert O’Neill