Letters to the Editor

Some tenants are a landlord’s worst nightmare

I love reading the comments people post after an article on the Herald’s website. Some are great, many are truly funny, and then there are those that are meaner than the devil and as dumb as a weight, but they are the people’s opinions. The American Revolution, where would we be without it!

After reading the article about the Manatee Port Authority chairman accusing a board member of “illegal negotiations,” I read the posts which followed. One accused Joe McClash of having the most code violations with his rental property. Well, I am coming to his defense.

There are landlords who are truly blessed to have tenants who respect the place they rent. It helps keep the neighborhood up to standards and maintain property values.

Landlords also can learn a trick or two of landscape design from their tenant. There are many good tenants out there, even ones who live in low-income housing, which is the most difficult to maintain.

I remember one property in Washington, D.C. where my dad had to replace a hot water tank three times in one month because someone kept removing it. The person probably sold it for income.

Also, an entrance door lock was always being broken. One tenant had a horrible habit of throwing their trash out the window.

So, before you start accusing Joe McClash of his code violations, think of who he is renting to! Many tenants are not perfect angels; some of them are the landlords worst nightmare!

Elizabeth M. Sullivan

East Manatee