Letters to the Editor

Affordable health care available -- in Canada

Recently a reader asked where he could get affordable health care. Let me answer that: in Canada.

The reader can either go to Canada or can work to change our health care system so it is more like that of Canada and other enlightened countries.

We pay twice as much as any other nation for health care and get less for our money. Other countries think of health care as a right and a public service, not an industry.

Our for-profit system has a built-in conflict of interest: profit vs. patient welfare, and patient welfare isn’t the highest priority. We could immediately save 30 percent if we just went to single payer, as most Americans have consistently said they wanted.

Health care should be treated like a public service, not a commercial marketplace where for-profit companies control the system and extract obscene profits at patients’ expense.

But before we can change our system, we have to elect legislators who will put citizens’ welfare ahead of making President Obama fail in everything he tries.

Republicans are like the strongman Sampson of the Old Testament. He pulled down the temple to kill his enemies, even though he also killed himself and innocent people.

Myra Jones