Letters to the Editor

Founding Fathers detested democracy and its mob rule

When I read letters to the editor, I can often identify the writer in the first few sentences. One such writer whose identity is obvious in a few beginning sentences is Myra Jones.

The most recent letter she wrote attempts to associate the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations as “democracy in action.” Her vision of the meaning of democracy is flawed. Democracy is based on majority rule, which was long the tool of liberals to control the freedom of minorities.

An example was the ability of Democrats to block civil rights legislation and to keep minorities out of equal participation in society and free enterprise.

But for the U.S. Constitution and the application thereof for the protection of individual liberties, the majority would continue to trample the rights of the minority.

Ms. Jones should thank God that we live in a republic where we are not controlled by majority rule and are free to attain the highest goal we can reach by our own efforts.

Democracy is not defined by street violence and rebellion against those who are envied because of their success. There are some better definitions of democracy, which I am happy to share with Ms. Jones, such as:

Democracy, detested by our Founding Fathers, loved by despots.

Democracy, concept completely misunderstood by the American people.

Democracy is three wolves and one sheep deciding what to eat for dinner.

Democracy is mob rule that recognizes no individual rights.

It is ironic that the term “democracy” is synonymous with the word democrat. In his book “The Revolutionary Generation,” the historian Joseph Ellis tells what the Founding Fathers thought of the idea or democracy: “The term ‘democrat’ originated as an epithet and referred to one who panders to the crude and mindless whims of the masses.”

D. Merrill Adams