Letters to the Editor

State benefits for disabled cut in time for holidays

Dear Santa: While everyone is looking forward to this joyous holiday season, I would like to know why the state of Florida is cutting benefits to the disabled adults again just in the time for Christmas?

Santa, these people have been good all year, even though some are in wheelchairs, had seizures, brain damage, feeding tubes, etc. The prison system has a much bigger budget than the agency for persons with disabilities, but I guess Charles Manson needs more care then these invisible people.

But don’t worry, Santa, the handicapped don’t need to eat much this year because the state of Florida cancelled their dental benefits.

Santa, I’m sure the federal government needs that money because Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac are asking for billions more in bailouts. It’s OK, because the federal government will just print up some more money ... money ... money.

I am happy that we are still sending billions of dollars to Third World countries, even though most of it gets into the hands of dictators and terrorists, but I am sure they love Americans for it. Remember Daniel Pearl?

Washington spends lots of money on wind power, ethanol and solar power. But Santa, all three can’t even power your sleigh!

But you can still trust the government, just ask the Indians.

At least the government will have a happy holiday. Merry Christmas to all.

Donna Bocra-Gilmore