Letters to the Editor

Super committee’s failure shows needs for change

This “super committee” is one of the all-time political jokes! Let’s see, this is the third time they have gone until the last day to dramatically decide that they can’t come to an agreement.

Are they going to do this every three months? What do they do while they are in there? Do they take their Wii games, X-Box console, or VCR to watch movies? Let’s check their iPhone records to see how many calls and hours they spent talking, because they could not have been working. I’m talking both sides!

They do this posturing and we all know from the beginning what the outcome is going to be. “Boo hoo, they won’t work with me,” says one side. The other side says “no, they won’t work with me. I’m just going to take my ball and go home.”

And here we sit, watching the stock market dive and affect people’s retirement investments. Guess whose retirement is set in stone?

Here’s what I was wondering: If we are going to have super committees, why do we need the other 400-plus politicians? This type of governing is an insult to the people who voted them into office!

I keep saying that the answer to all of these problems is term limits! No one should be in office for 40 years. Then we’ll see how many want to get elected to help the people, and make a difference. You would see politicians working and not just securing their retirement.

Mike Scruggs