Letters to the Editor

Prayer an important and historic part of our nation

It was very disturbing to read the headline that the Manatee County Commission has been asked by the Freedom From Religion Foundation to halt prayers before its meetings because they violate the Constitution.

Nowhere in the Constitution does the separation of church and state appear. Our founders wanted freedom “of” religion. They did not want the government to declare any one church to be exclusive.

Our Founding Fathers were all God-fearing and God-loving men. It is amazing how there are those among us who would take the facts and twist them to suit their own agenda.

America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. If we lose sight of who we are, we will lose our country.

Many years ago, Madeline O’Hare, an atheist, decided that prayer should be taken out of schools. At the time people paid little or no attention to her. Today, there are no prayers in public schools.

If we sit back and say “that will never happen,” be prepared. It could happen sooner than we think.

The attorney for the atheists stated in his letter to Carol Whitmore that prayer at government meetings is unnecessary, inappropriate and divisive. I submit that prayer is necessary: to keep us grounded and to know that members need a higher power in thinking, learning and decision making.

What’s inappropriate about it? Human beings don’t need help in processing, understanding and working together?

The prayers are not divisive. They are inclusive of all people, not just those who are believers.

What do they fear about prayer? That in itself gives prayer validity from their point of view. They know better! It’s just another way for them to tear down the foundation that has made this country great. We need to stand up as citizens for what is best for our country.

Dorothy J. Feldman