Letters to the Editor

Manatee commission should show courage, keep praying

On Sunday I read where Vin Mannix spoke for the taxpayers about their reaction to a possible lawsuit over the right to pray before weekly commission meetings.

He stated, “If this turns into a lawsuit, that will not go over well with Manatee taxpayers. The commissioners want to fight to pray? Don’t do it on our dime.”

He says that the Manatee County commissioners should pay for the lawsuit themselves if they want to fight this case. That’s right, just roll over and play dead. Let 17,000 people with their own idea on religion cause the rest of the nation to abide by the ideas of the minority.

The U.S. Constitution does not even hint at “a separation between church and state.” Instead, we ended up with “freedom of religion” which shall not be dictated by the state.

This is where judges, the clergy, attorneys, public officials and citizens should understand the Latin phrase “e pluribus Unum.” Otherwise, 17,000 people will persist in dividing and conquering until we lose again.

We lost prayer in schools, the right to post the Ten Commandments and the right to keep from having our flag burned in our country, a symbol of the freedom that we fought for since the 17th century. We can thank our Supreme Court for allowing our flag to be burned because they interpreted the law in error.

Thomas Jefferson said our Constitution should be read in the era in which it was created. Instead, we have courts that interpret what was said by changing the meaning of the language. It is time for the silent majority to start contributing to the preservation of our unalienable rights.

I believe county commissioners have the intestinal fortitude and backbone to excel and not roll over and play dead.

Harold Crapo, Jr.