Letters to the Editor

Two occupy polls show many Americans against protests

This is to comment on a letter posted Nov. 13 titled “On Fox, ‘occupy’ poll, neo-con’s dilemma.”

Firstly, the writer assures that 54 percent of Americans are favorable to “occupy,” and that her info came from Quinnipiac University. After reading that, I researched the Quinnipiac University polls. The results I found are in contrast to that statement.

The latest posted results by Peter Brown, assistant director, Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, Nov. 3, are: Unfavorable, 39 percent; favorable, 30 percent.

The latest results from another pollster, Rasmussen, posted Nov. 7, are: “33 percent of likely U.S. voters hold a favorable view of the protesters, while 43 percent regard them unfavorably.”

I have not read a reliable pollster result where the “occupiers” are seen as favorable.

Secondly, she goes on to write that she “choose(s) to watch several cable news networks to get all points of views.”

Also, her quote about another writer who criticized her referring to the 54 percent favorability of the “occupy” “and because the results disagree with their portrayal of the ‘occupiers’ as communists, socialists ...” I, too, watch several news channels, and I have seen posters held by occupiers with the image of Che Guevara in one city and heard the ranting of communists in another.

The “occupiers” are not only “workers such as teachers, firefighters, police and returning military veterans,” as she says. I have seen plenty of “unoccupied” people also. I suspect this writer has selective attention span to the news that is favorable to their opinions.

Lastly, I have no dilemma about whom I am not going to bash: Demagogue in Chief, class warfare monger, Mr. Obama, because he’s not going to be around in the next four years to bash him.

Alina Mugford