Letters to the Editor

Vast difference between tea party, Occupy gatherings

I would like to say I approve of the tea party’s actions. They start their meetings with a prayer, showing they are citizens of God’s kingdom, and the Pledge of Allegiance, showing they are citizens of the United States.

At the national meetings they held in Washington, D.C., they obeyed the laws and the place was as clean or cleaner than when they arrived. That is quite a feat for hundreds of thousands of people.

One of the things the Christian Bible teaches is we are to obey the law as long as it doesn’t tell us to go against God’s law. Christians should make every effort not to break the law. As with any group, they have some radicals, but the organization does not promote breaking the law or violence.

I am also proud to live in this great country.

My wife and I were raised in a humble environment, but because we were born in America, a capitalist country, we were able to work our way up. If we lived in a socialist country like these liberal groups propose, we would still be living at the same level.

On the other hand, you have the Occupy group. Why is it liberal groups cannot have a meeting without trashing places and living like animals?

They break laws and say it is their right because they believe what they are doing is right. They will leave the park they are illegally living in long enough for the taxpayers to clean it up. Then they plan on moving back.

The tea party believed they were right but did none of these things.

If you are right, the issue will speak for itself and you don’t need to break laws, just wait till the next election and change things peacefully.

Ronald Abbott