Letters to the Editor

'Tis the season to show more respect for others

Have you ever walked down the street and met someone coming your way? The person you are walking toward is in your path and refuses to give way to you, although there is plenty of room for them to move right or left. You then step aside so the rude or disrespectful person can continue.

I am 6 feet tall, but this seems to happen to me the older I become. Surely these people can see me, because sometimes they are looking directly at me!

And how about those people pushing shopping carts? Either you move, or they may crash into you.

I have begun to think, “Am I invisible?”

It is not only ordinary people who do this. I have been almost run over by the employees working in stores. I guess they forget without us customers, they wouldn’t be working there? These same employees do not care about parking their containers/carts in the middle of the aisle.

I was at a big store recently and one employee was running in my direction. I stepped aside and let him go.

Are we getting more disrespectful? Are we all in just one big hurry?

I know it is hard to realize living in Florida that we are coming upon the season when we should be thankful. Why can’t we just show a little more respect for each other? After all, who wants to get run over by a shopping cart?

Ray Tincher