Letters to the Editor

Anti-religion forces should not interfere with believers

A Nov. 15 Herald headline says “Commissioners asked to halt prayers.”

Why do you people always stick your face out where it doesn’t belong? Yes, there are over 17,000 of you, but there are over billions of us!

You don’t want us to have prayers in schools or government meetings because it breaks “your” rights. You don’t want us to have our religious displays at Christmastime.

Soon, you will be going door to door telling us how to live. You don’t want us to have our religions. Well, we don’t want you.

We aren’t going to change and we will continue to have prayer when and where we want. We have and will always have our beliefs and you can’t stop us.

So stop trying to change us, it won’t work. If you don’t like the United States of America, go somewhere else.

We do and we will survive. We will pray, pray and pray, maybe even for your soul.

Joan Ammeraal