Letters to the Editor

Manatee River floating house removal cost could have been avoided

Seems like every week the paper reports the “floating house” is being removed. This has been going on for months. Removal has finally started.

Manatee County Natural Resources Director Charlie Hunsicker states: “Manatee County has a law on the books prohibiting residential floating structures, like the Dreammaker.” Why didn’t the county act six months ago when it was floating around the river?

For about a month, it was resting against the shore in Colony Cove, which notified the county, the Coast Guard, police and anyone else they could think of, as they didn’t want it there.

During the months when it was alternately drifting up and down between the shore and the bridge, it could have been towed to a ramp and dismantled on shore and trucked to the landfill.

Now, it has to be dismantled in the middle of the river. Put on barges, hauled to shore, transferred to trucks, and hauled away.

The reported removal cost is $20,000. A short while back it was $17,500. What the heck, it’s only 20 grand, times are good.

Jack Fowell