Letters to the Editor

Minority should not rule over Manatee County commission prayer

Forty years ago we let the vocal minority stop prayer in our schools. The silent majority, as we became known, did not speak up. I believe we never saw that coming; who would have thought it possible in the 1960s?

Now, we have a group of 17,000 members telling us to stop saying a prayer before Manatee County Commission meetings? Tell me how 17,000 people can possibly have that much power!

Well, they cannot succeed if we speak up now. There are so many more Christians than there are Freedom from Religion Foundation members. They might be allowed to voice their opinion, but the believers in this world have the majority and the ability to speak up now.

Prayer is necessary, appropriate and unifying. This country needs prayer in every place possible and certainly in our county commission meetings! Keep the prayer on the agenda!

Contact Manatee County commissioners -- do it now!

Barbara Jahnke