Letters to the Editor

A short lesson in the conservative philosophy

I have come to realize that many people don’t understand the core principles of conservatism. It is important to state that not all Republicans are conservatives. Many claim to be conservative yet their actions and words prove otherwise.

This country was formed through and with divine principles believing in the laws of nature and of nature’s God.

We are not a faceless collective, but individuals with unalienable god-given rights inherent to all human beings; free to pursue and become what we wish as long as we do no harm to others.

Rights do not come from government as they retain the power to take them away. This points to why secularism is undermining our Constitution. Many privileges have suddenly become “rights,” perverting the original meaning of “rights” as outlined in our founding documents.

We accept personal responsibility and the consequences of our choices. Bailouts are not in the vocabulary of a true conservative. There is a price to pay if your actions and choices harm another.

As individuals we have a right to acquire and possess property which represents the fruits of our labor both physically and/or intellectually. Our labor is finite by virtue of the fact our time on earth is finite.

Legitimate activities to be funded are those found within the limits of our Constitution; otherwise, what are the limits of the government’s power to tax and regulate the individual’s labor?

Can we not see how the illegitimate attenuation of an individual’s private property rights enslaves one individual to another and denies them their liberty?

Our government’s massive spending and consequential progressive taxing does just that.

Our founding documents guarantee all men are created equal; however, they do not guarantee that everyone’s outcome in life is going to be equal.

Kathy Solomon