Letters to the Editor

Americans should not abandon the less fortunate

On a Herald nation page Nov. 8, the top headline was: “U.S. poverty hits new high of 16 percent” and it went on to say, “A record number of Americans, 49.1 million, are poor, based on a new census measure that for the first time takes into account rising medical costs and other expenses.”

At the bottom of the same page, a headline read, “New formula would reduce Social Security COLA increases.”

That article begins with the fact that “Congress is looking at reducing future raises by adopting a new measure of inflation that would increase taxes for most families, the biggest impact falling on those with low incomes.”

The most telling part of the second article was “... the proposal is gaining momentum in part because it would let policy makers gradually cut benefits and increase taxes in a way that might not be readily apparent to most Americans.”

It is a sorry state of affairs that in spite of the increasing number of families and individuals that are struggling, the “policy makers” are willing to take the easy way out and cut spending where it is needed most.

Why not? These people are poor and unlikely to be able to contribute to their political campaign. Don’t bother to make cuts to our pals (both private and corporate) that are dumping millions into the 2012 election.

We must pay attention to the individuals we have elected and how they will do whatever it takes, it seems, to get elected again.

Please don’t take everything they say on face value and please keep an open mind on all candidates regardless of their affiliation. We the people have to make ourselves heard and bring back the American idea of helping out those that are less fortunate.

Judy Stahle