Letters to the Editor

Here's hoping eagles return to Parrish cell tower, rebuild nest

I, too, hope that the pair of eagles will return to the cell phone tower on U.S. 301 North. One day the nest was there and the next day it was gone.

I expressed my concern to Fish and Wildlife last year when a similar disappearance of the nest occurred, and they advised me that it is not unheard of for juveniles to destroy a nest when they fledge and that the adults usually have an alternate nest nearby.

In support of the owners of the tower, they are limited to a short maintenance “window” to make repairs or update equipment and during the summer there was a lot of activity at the tower on several different occasions.

Crates and cable spools could be seen stored at the bottom of the tower. I would certainly expect that they received any necessary permits to work on the tower during the non-nesting season.

George W. Case