Letters to the Editor

Occupy movement about fairness, not communism

Shades of McCarthy-communism, I’ve heard that song before and it destroyed many lives. Hopefully, Mr. Donald Doherty (Letters, “Radical leftist ‘Occupy’ supporters in minority,” Nov. 9) doesn’t facilitate communism by buying products made in China.

I believe “Occupy” is all about fairness. Why do some people fight so hard to retain their servile relationship with the 1 percent? The fact that the 1 percent can dictate how much extra I must pay for gasoline by bidding up the price of oil to make their next million says we do need change. I now can afford less.

Farmers with a net income of a million per year are subsidized by us, the 99 percent. We pay extra at the store.

Speaking of destabilizing the economy, the most unpatriotic behavior that I have seen in years was the attempt to destroy America during the debt crisis. Was that not an attempt to take over our government by the tea party?

Doris Scherette