Letters to the Editor

On foreign aid to Israel, poor economic Bush years

I feel inspired to refute some recent letters to the editor: Mr. Doug Young rails against U.S. foreign aid to China (while incorrectly stating Obama said we had 54 states when he actually said we have 57; what is that, a double-gaffe?), yet Mr. Young fails to mention the $3 billion a year in “aid” we give to the Israeli terrorists when those nasty thugs have one of the highest per capita incomes in the world.

Then, Mr. Joe Shary assails our fine President Obama in a quite unpatriotic manner about his “gaffes.” Perhaps that letter writer was asleep during the George W. Bush years?

As for who got us in this mess, consider the following:

Under George W. Bush, the United States suffered the worst decade of job growth since World War II, saw the slowest growth in median household income since World War II, and underwent the slowest decade of growth since statistics have been kept.

Now we are all fully aware that that he hasn’t been president since Jan. 19, 2009. But to try and claim that he or any of his incompetency will have any lasting effect on our great nation is a ridiculous premise.

Joseph Phelps