Letters to the Editor

Defeat the money/tax takers to preserve the American republic

A letter writer recently attempted to define what I meant in my letter regarding makers and takers. It was a valiant effort but missed the point entirely.

The writer defines maker as those at the highest end of the wealth spectrum. He defines takers as the elderly, poor, hungry, sick and homeless. This misses the point entirely.

The people he calls takers are really the needy. The American people are the most generous in the world and gladly contribute to charities and public programs to assist our needy. Makers have no desire to cut adrift those who currently rely on social programs.

The makers are the country’s work force. From the most menial to the wealthiest, the makers’ energy fuels our economy. Their income is our country’s financial health. It creates jobs, buys things that make our lives enjoyable and protects us from our enemies. Each maker owns the wealth he produces.

Minor takers are those people who rely on the government to provide things that they could provide for themselves. We have all heard about people with big cars, cell phones, fancy fingernails and bling using government assistance.

The more diabolical major takers are those who have been entrusted by the people to protect our liberty but use the power entrusted to them to plunder the nations wealth. These takers use the wealth not to protect our liberty but to buy the devotion of the minor takers in return for their vote and thus retain power to govern.

This diabolical cycle began under Woodrow Wilson, a Marxist who filled his government with like-minded elite. They began legal plunder by passing the income tax. The takers have drained the country’s wealth and obligated the makers to a debt that now totals over $14.9 trillion to protect their power.

The republic and our liberty are being crushed under this debt. We must defeat the takers.

James Troxler