Letters to the Editor

GOP debates show nobody worthy, just like Obama

The Republican presidential debates are getting funnier and just a little weird with some of the answers to questions. About the only two who made sense were Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul, but they are practically nowhere in the polls.

Even though I don’t agree with most of our current president’s policies, I don’t think he has to worry that much about his re-election chances. Personally, I would rather leave the White House empty given our choices for this office come 2012, but I know that would be impractical.

As for the so-called super committee trying to solve our debt crisis, you would probably be better off with a bunch of first-graders in elementary school working on this problem, you will probably get better results. If it sounds like I have no faith in our elected leaders in Washington D.C. in solving our nation’s problems, you are right.

For those laws making it harder to vote the solution is simple. Make sure you’re registered, have everything you need to vote and go to the polls. Turn the tables on those who try to deny your right to vote, “don’t get mad, get even” at the polls.

As to the problem of creating jobs, maybe more unemployed politicians will lead to more employed workers. Give it a try; you have nothing to lose but a bunch of overpaid do nothings.

I leave you with this final thought. The only way to change America is by changing the way you vote; vote the man, not the party. Check their records and vote.

William E. Moore