Letters to the Editor

There is no good reason to impeach Donald Trump. But bring it on | Letter to the editor

The subject of impeaching President Trump has been a topic before he even took the oath of office. One attempt after the next has been ran up the proverbial flagpole by the Democrats only to see the flag flaccid. Three years into his presidency and nothing has captivated the liberal media more than the president’s alleged “high crimes and misdemeanors,” only to have them evaporate.

The public is steadily getting tired of crying wolf and would like it to go away, either by just stopping the charade so other, more productive, legislation can occur or just pull the trigger and vote to draw articles which would end up dying a quick death in the Senate thus stopping the charade.

The longer this goes on the more I am convinced that this is not about actual crimes and misdemeanors as they are fully aware the effort is futile, the Senate will never convict and President Trump will serve out this term.

It has been said an impeachable offense is basically anything the House wants it to be. Given that, what is taking so long for this “inquiry” to produce articles? No, this is about noise and, with the help of a complacent media, make enough negative press as possible with the intent to hurt his chances of re-election. The House is not in a hurry as the longer they can fan the negative news the better it would be for them, right? Interestingly, the last time articles were drawn (Clinton) the aftermath saw a shift in the House for the opposing party, a fact not lost on Speaker Pelosi.

As a Republican I fully support a vote on the articles of impeachment for whatever reason they can cook up. I believe a vote will benefit our party. For one it will put the Democratic congressmen where Trump was popular to task. Voting for impeachment would put them at risk come election time.

But most importantly, as this whole exercise is futile, a vote will finally put the ball in motion to end to this fiasco.

Mark Mullen