Letters to the Editor

It’s about time government moves to ban horse rides in Palma Sola Bay | Letter to the editor

Well, the county commissioners have finally addressed a problem that a simple minded person (me) figured out.

Horses going to the bathroom in the water is not good for children and their parents who swim in that water. In the last three years or so, I first complained to the Mayor’s Office, and have written letters to the Bradenton Herald (which to their credit, published them). I was told by the city that they could not do anything because the state owned the right away out to 150 feet on each side of Manatee Avenue.

That was an easy way to not have to address a serious problem. I even used the old “what is more important than anything that might help the people”— money — ..when I asked if they were collecting tax money for what they earned charging for riding the horses? No response

.I’m glad they are finally addressing the problem, but it is disappointing that it is because of “seagrass” and not people. Looking forward to the solution (banning, I hope) and hope it is not put in the “we’ll get to it one day” file.

Mike Scruggs