Letters to the Editor

What is your ‘quid pro quo?’ | Letter to the editor

We all — including you — use this phrase, with its implications and meanings. It’s pervasive.

Quid: Get good grades, stop: toking, swearing, sleazing, whatever and quo: (whatever).

Diplomats: Change your (whatever) and (whatever) or (whatever).

Clergy: Sin and you’ll go to hell. Repent and pray and you’ll go to heaven.

Financial advisors: Pay me $$$ and I’ll make you rich.

Neighbors: Silence (etc.) your (dogs etc.) and I won’t sue you.

Whoever: Do this and this will happen. Stop doing this and this won’t happen.

It’s part of negotiating, living and getting along. It’s part of human life.

My current quid pro quo is this: for the Bradenton Herald, stop being the local N.Y. Times and I will renew my subscription.

What’s yours?

Roger Grossel

Lakewood Ranch