Letters to the Editor

Republican silence about Trump’s unfitness for office is deafening | Letter to the editor

Oh come on now, you Republicans. Your silence is going to put a permanent stain on the face of your party. What is it going to take for you to admit publicly that Trump is unfit to be our president? When does a sense of moral and constitutional obligation override your party loyalty?

This is what your silence is shouting out loud:

  • It is OK to defraud people with a phony “university“ as long as you have enough money to settle out of court.
  • It’s OK to hire your own family and inner circle of friends for high-level jobs that they have no experience and are not qualified for.
  • It is OK to channel lucrative financial opportunities into your own personal business accounts.
  • It is OK to insult and disrespect anyone who disagrees with you or doesn’t look like you.
  • It is OK to do away with all regulations that hinder the bottom line.
  • It is OK to destroy the goodwill of our allies.
  • It is OK to ignore and deny the climate crisis.

Your party is going to own these OKs unless you have the courage to speak up.

Jaime Canfield