Letters to the Editor

There’s little to admire about President Donald Trump | Letter to the editor

On Sunday, I read the letters to the editor, which I don’t normally read. Wow!

Two letters, one from Ann M. Rector, “Protesters not patriots,” the other from Esther Rachwal, “Media, Democrats unfair to Trump,” blew my mind.

First, I am an independent. In the past, I have voted both Democratic and Republican. My father was a great man; he spoke and demonstrated daily about honesty, respect, patriotism, love of country and treating others the way you want to be treated.

We currently have a man in the White House who does not reflect any of the traits listed above. Forget the politics or the Republican line of defense. We see firsthand a man who takes credit for all that good and gives blame to others when things go bad. Some very good people have left this administration for principles and due to their respect for the office of the president and the good of the country, remain silent.

We see firsthand the lies on a daily basis telling us to believe whatever he says and to not believe the media. Can you not see that if a story is good for him, it is a good story. But if it’s not prizing him, it is the “fake media.”

Did your parents or you raise your children to call others nasty names? Hate groups are inspired by his words. You must admit violence is way up since his presidency.

Most of all, Trump made a decision on his own to turn his back on an ally, which we had been fighting with for five years after a phone call from the Turkish president. Stop, think about that” He deserted an all of the United Statess. Is his hotel in Istanbul more important than an ally who will be slaughtered?

Trump is the great used care salesman of all time. If you support him, please don’t take offense, just stop, open your mind and think about it.

Would you like someone like Trump living next door to you if he didn’t have the money and fame? Always me, me, me, never your or u.

Bill Watts