Letters to the Editor

Reader has some specific questions for Florida House candidate | Letter to the editor

I have some questions for Democrat David Fairey who wants to fix Florida’s broken system. In a recent article, I did not hear any real resolutions or concrete ways to fix whatever he is talking about.

Mr. Fairey, how are you going to deal with my right under the 2nd amendment to own and bear arms such as the AR-15 that was explained by the Supreme Court to be a commonly used rifle and legal to own? How are you going to deal with what you call a child being safe at school? Obama was the one who created the idea of not kicking troubled and dangerous students out of school or even reporting them. School teachers have no power to deal with students in their classrooms.

Here is an idea, bring back bowing our heads in prayer and saying the pledge again before school begins each morning. Please don’t cite the foolish notion that it violates the separation of church and state. Nowhere in our Constitution is that mentioned or supported.

What about expanded healthcare? What do you mean by that? Healthcare is not a right given to us by government, it is a right by an individual to earn it. In our state we have many healthcare centers that will take care of an individual that is in need and all they have to do is walk in and ask for help. There is no such thing as free healthcare for all, someone has to pay?

How are you going to deal with this issue of parents allowing their young children being able to decide if they are a female or male? Parents who do that should not have kids!

How would you deal with this idea that it is OK for an individual to stick a cell phone in a law enforcement officer’s face and try to intimidate that officer? That should be a crime of simple assault and intimidation of a law enforcement officer.

How are you going to handle texting while driving? This is worse than drunk driving and the current law does nothing to stop it because it is weak and poorly put together.

You want my vote? Please stop being so vague like all the rest.

Mike McLeod