Letters to the Editor

It is time to abolish America’s political parties | Letter to the editor

After having read letters complaining about Democrats and Republicans, harping over those who hated Obama or those who are never Trump, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to abolish our party system. Politics has become more divisive than rooting for our favorite sports team. We are wallowing in a mentality of us against them. Our Congress gets little done as they’re too busy opposing one another, blocking bills, instigating endless filibusters and campaigning party against party. People will always have their opinions about things as diverse as abortion to xenophobia but these things should not become politicized, or part of a party’s platform.

We have always been The United States of America but have now become the Divided States. This is not what or who we are.

I’m a registered non-party-affiliated and have voted for Republicans as well as Democrats. It is shameful to vote party no matter what that person may represent simply to vote party. I have actually heard people say they would vote for the devil rather than a certain party.

Court justices would be unbiased politically, as there would be no party to be beholden to; there would be no gerrymandering; nor voter suppression nor voter intimidation nor voter fraud. No one would point fingers at our DOJ, FBI or CIA claiming political bias. Big money wouldn’t be able to buy a party, most importantly we would just be voters voting for who we feel is best. Without the divide of parties Congress would work together, actually accomplishing something. The House of Representatives, Senate and presidency would work as our founding fathers envisioned: “Together for the Good of America”.

Like John Lennon’s song “Imagine,” I am just a dreamer, but I hope I’m not the only one!

Anna Yoakum