Letters to the Editor

President Trump is a victim of negative media coverage | Letter to the editor

Since the major networks use such vitriol against President Trump, while ignoring Democrat red flags, no wonder Democrats hate him! Democrats’ only goal is impeachment from day one. Ironically the very things Democrats accuse him of are the very things they are doing, but the media parrot their condemnations. If President Trump had a ham sandwich named after him, Democrats would impeach it!

President Trump accomplished many campaign promises but how would you know with his 90% negative coverage? The economy is thriving. The September jobs report again showed the economy is strong. Hispanic and African American unemployment remains at record lows. Unemployment dropped to 3.5%, the lowest in 50 years.

We hated Obama, too, but we never resorted to attacking them, as they have Trump supporters even at restaurants. Conservative speakers invited to speak at universities are shouted down by liberal students and denied their free speech rights. Huge Trump crowds in Minneapolis, were met with antifa protesters who waited for the crowd to leave to attack them and tear off their MAGA hats & burn them. Who’s going low?

The brouhaha over President Trump talking to the Ukraine president about Vice President Joe Biden’s involvement has been made into an impeachable offense, but if you read the text, it isn’t. They ignore the video of Biden bragging how he succeeded in having the Ukraine prosecutor fired for investigating his son.

All the Democrat presidential candidates want socialism, promising everything will be free. Socialism promises prosperity but delivers poverty, while capitalism brings more people out of poverty. An example is Venezuela.

Esther Rachwal