Letters to the Editor

Mosaic feeds the world, supports The Bishop, other good causes | Letter to the editor

It’s unfortunate that Ms. Ripberger in her Oct. 16 letter chooses to attack an organization that is an icon of our community.

Despite using items every day that are made possible by our industry, some people continue to oppose us.

Mosaic mines phosphate because it is a necessary crop nutrient helping farmers feed us all. Nothing on the planet lives without phosphate. It cannot be synthetically created. It comes from the earth.

Ms. Ripberger’s letter significantly distorts the reality of modern phosphate mining and seeks to injure local non-profits that accept our support. She even falsely states we influence the content of their programming. Anyone who sees the Backyard Universe at The Bishop will see there is no content that is in any way about our industry.

We support where we can have an impact. Without our grant, the expansion of the Robinson Preserve would most likely be a development today instead of increased public access. The Riverwalk remains a vibrant, economic engine for downtown after languishing for far too long. Thank you, Realize Bradenton. Some days it’s a large grant and some days it’s just answering the call for help from a teacher who needs a riser for their class holiday program. It doesn’t take big money to make a big difference, but it does require stepping up.

Modern regulations limit nearly all mining to areas that have already been impacted by human uses. We not only avoid areas of pristine habitat, we place them under permanent conservation easements so future landowners cannot impact them either. And when we reclaim the land, we expand on and reconnect wildlife corridors that have been fragmented for generations by historic land alterations. This allows for improved wildlife connectivity and increased ecological value. Ironically, the species she contends we harm benefit greatly from the wildlife corridors we re-connect.

These efforts work and the wildlife populations on reclaimed land are proof. Eight trail cameras installed a year ago have captured thousands of photos and videos of wildlife thriving in these recreated habitats.

We’ll continue supporting the local non-profits that are the fabric of our communities because we live here too. The Bishop is a community gem and we encourage everyone to continue supporting it.

Jackie Barron, public relations manager