Letters to the Editor

Congress needs to show courage and do something about gun violence | Letter to the editor

Once again, we open the paper to read about a young man killing multiple people and wounding many more. This time it was in Odessa, Texas, and the numbers are seven dead with 21 wounded. No motive is given, and we may never know what it was since the gunman, as in many of these cases, was stopped by being killed himself. But once again, we hear “thoughts and prayers.” The mayor of Odessa even said, “In a situation like this, prayer is the most important thing.”

No. Action is the only thing that will prevent this from happening again. After the two mass shootings in early August, many hoped there would be action. There were even calls for Congress to return from their summer break to enact sensible legislation to prevent further carnage: universal background checks, banning high capacity magazines, and maybe beginning to talk about reinstating the assault weapons ban. No such luck.

So, my message to every member of Congress now is this: Until such time as you act, the blood of every victim of gun violence is on your hands. You know what needs to be done. Have the courage to do it.

Jenni Casale