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At town hall meeting, Buchanan acts a lot like his ‘boss’ Donald Trump | Letter to the editor

The town hall meeting in Bradenton with Congressman Buchanan took place in the Manatee Performing Arts Center before a diminished gathering of mostly elders of mixed political persuasions. Yet the questions directed at the congressman were as sharp as a Sharpie.

Did Mr. Buchanan agree with the president separating children from their families, and diverting Pentagon funds for our troops and their families for his border wall? What about protecting our elections from Russian interference? Reducing gun violence? Red tide and climate change? Vocational education? The exploding deficit? The endangered Endangered Species Act?

But like his boss, President Trump, the congressman was skilled in the art of evasion — questions dulled, deflected.or simply ignored. Exploding deficit? Too much spending (tax cuts is an expenditure). Russian interference — ooh so bad. Diversion of Pentagon funds for the wall? We increase spending on the Pentagon (so I guess the families of service people don’t need the schools). Family separation — build the wall. Red tide — study it to death. Withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord — I object. Ban weapons of mass destruction (Assault Weapons) — huh?

If you can’t/won’t protect us why are you running for re-election?

Larry Grossman


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