Letters to the Editor

HOAs are a necessary evil

Through the years I have heard many negative comments about homeowner associations, and many who say they would never live where there are HOAs, citing abuse of power by their boards, which negates our most treasured American right of freedom.

It is unseemly for a few to hold hostage to the desires of many. No American flags, no trucks (many of which are very attractive,) no, or one animal (animals need a pal while their owners are away). Even (No keeping dogs overnight). How does that work for their granddog-sitting of much-loved pets by family or friends? Please, you can’t help give your children or friends a break? Then, how about the flowers? For heaven’s sake, don’t plant flowers.

To be fair, residents can ignore and or abuse even reasonable rules. Trucks can be eye-sores and animals can be noisy and messy. As to flowers, they could be planted willy-nilly by people who don’t know a lot about them, their watering needs or design.

HOA boards are certainly needed for keeping properties attractive, managing finances and preventing properties from turning into a hodgepodge of individual tastes and overseeing care of the landscape. If you are fortunate enough to live where there are fauna and bird sanctuaries that are well cared for by the HOA, you are truly blessed.

Barbara Parkman