Letters to the Editor

Don’t allow politicians to ignore issue

Obviously, this generation of leadership has failed in many aspects. As a member of this age group, I do get to judge our actions. In many cases, our leaders cannot even agree to disagree. Yet, we tolerate their inaction and lack of conviction to make real differences in the fabric of our society. We bemoan our elected officials and make snide remarks about their inability to do anything substantial. It is time for this type of situation to end.

Let’s remember that these officials are elected. Let’s remember that we as voters do elect these officials. Let’s remember that they are elected to represent our interests and not solely theirs. Let’s decide to not be silent on issues that concern us. Let’s demand that those officials we elect not remain silent as well.

The Parkland massacre must not ever occur again in our state. We must as an electorate demand that the issue of gun control be addressed and be addressed now. Shame on my generation for not leading in this area. Let’s honor our children and grandchildren by deciding to make a difference here and now. Let’s not allow our politicians to talk and talk and then ignore this issue as they did with the Pulse shootings in Orlando. Decide to not be silent.

Lastly, let’s not allow our politicians to patronize us as they often do. I am not sure how our elected leaders gained so much wisdom as they look down on us. And, more importantly, I wonder why they do not use this wisdom. As the students in Parkland stated, let’s call bull on this type of response. Expect our leaders to lead or, change the leaders.

Dan McDevitt