Letters to the Editor

Vote ‘no’ on extra millage

Manatee County total property tax millage rates are considerably higher than Sarasota, and yet the school district wants to saddle the taxpayers with an additional mill. Manatee millage rate is 17,0343 while Sarasota millage rate is 14.9613.

However, Sarasota receives more funding because 1 millage in Sarasota brings in $55 million while 1 millage in Manatee brings in $33 million due to the higher tax base in Sarasota.

Rather let’s ask our school district to trim their budget before burdening Manatee property owners with additional taxes. Balance the serious accounting discrepancies and raise the teachers salary, and then perhaps we as taxpayers might support

The school district is distributing brochures that make the statement that renters do not pay anything. Only a bureaucrat could say that with a straight face. We all know the landlord will pass along that added expense to the tenant and since the landlord does not get the homestead exemption, the pass along increase will be considerably more than a homeowner’s tax increase.

Look closely at the misinformation being promoted by the school district in order to fool the voters into giving them the extra millage. Even if the administration received the extra millage, we don’t believe they will raise the teachers’ salary, but would use the funds to continue to cover up the mishandling of their accounting financial matters.

Vote No on March 20, 2018 to the extra millage.

Judith Hood