Letters to the Editor

Banning assault riles a ‘no brainer’

The courts for well over a century ruled the right to bear arms was a fundamental Second Amendment right limited to common defense. In June 2008, the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision, expanded the common defense provision applicable to military and law enforcement to include individual defense.

The gun lobby was under heavy pressure from firearm industries to reverse the lingering effects of a ban on assault weapons that ended in 2004. The majority decision was a by-product of extensive lobbying by the NRA. Gun sales of military style weapons subsequently went skyward. The rapid descent in firearm violence that peaked in 1994 was reversed.

Increased popularity of military style weapons to slaughter police and civilians is evident daily. Moving targets fleeing for their lives are being unmercifully gunned down for any cause deemed just by an active shooter.

The legacy of a growing number of mass assassins equipped with military style weapons is defended by a chorus of Florida lobbyists and lawmakers. Proponents of rapid fire weapons increasingly used to indiscriminately mass murder and maim children, teens, and adults in shopping centers, restaurants, concerts, and schools are steadfast in resolve.

The lawful right to own and possess firearms in most state constitutions preserves civilian rights for self-protection, hunting, and sport shooting. The constitutional override of the First Congress by the 2008 Supreme Court restored 1689 British gun rights that culminated in both the American Revolution and more recently Stoneman Douglas High.

Enough is enough. Restore the Second Amendment. Banning assault rifles and rapid fire semi-automatic pistols used in routine massacres is a no brainer.

Kent Greene