Letters to the Editor

Is the school district financially stable?

Recent events at the school district have caused great concern as to the financial stability.

At a board meeting in November, it was revealed to the board that the bank reconciliations had not been done for 11 months. This was not revealed by the CFO nor the superintendent but by a citizens committee.

The school board was being given financial statements to approve without knowing that the bank reconciliations had not been done. The same evening, the CFO resigned but for some reason.

The lack of timely bank reconciliations has reached the Florida Legislature Auditing Committee and they have issued a reprimand. It appears that this situation regarding lack of bank reconciliations have been carried over for a period of three years with no correction.

The Florida Legislature has set a deadline of March 14 to respond or the board chair may be required to appear before the committee.

It is shameful that the school district’s poor accounting practices have reached the state level with no correction taken.

Vote “no” on the extra millage on March 20.

Doug Egger